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Listen to our lifesavers: The RNLI’s podcast

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall and listen in on what it’s like for an ordinary person to save a life at sea? In our first ever podcast series Lifesavers, our volunteer crew members and lifeguards are sharing exactly that. 

Listen to their personal stories, and the rescue they’ll always remember, in each episode below:  

Lifesavers podcast cover

Episode one: Anna Heslop

Anna joined Cullercoats lifeboat crew after accidentally saving someone’s life when she was 17. Find out what it’s really like to be the only woman on a lifeboat crew, how the volunteers look after each other after difficult rescues, and the story of the day she saved a group of kayakers at sea on a stormy January afternoon.

Crew Member Anna Heslop

Photo: Gren Sowerby

Episode two: Al Kassim

Being rescued at sea in 2015 inspired Al to join Tower lifeboat crew – the busiest RNLI lifeboat station based on the River Thames in London. He shares how volunteering helps him talk to his children about important issues like mental health, and how he’ll always remember launching at midnight to rescue a person in the water. 

Crew Member Al Kassim

Photo: RNLI

Episode three: Lauren Cooke

A lifeguard’s training is used all year round, as Lauren discovered on a family holiday in 2018. In this episode, she shares the story of the day she saved a life when she rescued a baby from choking in a restaurant – and describes why the job really isn’t anything like Baywatch

Lauren Cooke at work on the beaches of East Yorkshire

Photo: RNLI

Lauren Cooke at work on the beaches of East Yorkshire

Episode four: Sam Harwood

Sam became an RNLI lifeguard 5 years ago in his hometown of Newquay – the home of British surfing. Listen in to find out the lesser known benefits to lifeguarding, like being able to travel and work on beaches abroad, and how Sam helped rescue 16 people from a flash rip current in the sea in 2018. 

Lifeguard Sam Harwood

Photo: RNLI/Nikki McMullen

Episode five: Georgia 

Georgia was rescued by Crosshaven RNLI twice in the same week – and joined the crew as soon as she turned 17. Discover why it’s so important for young girls to see female lifesavers, and how there’s never pressure to prove yourself by being a young crew member. Plus, hear about the rescue Georgia will always remember when the crew launched to save an injured fisherman. 

Crew Member Georgia Keating

Photo: RNLI/Nathan Williams

Feeling inspired? Find out how you could become a lifesaver too – whether that’s giving a donation or becoming a volunteer yourself. Every life saved is powered by the incredible support of people like you – so thank you.