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Do you have a connection with the RNLI? Whether your story involves our lifesavers or our safety advice, we’d love to hear how our charity has benefitted you - or someone you love.

At the RNLI, we like to share the experiences of real people who benefit from our services as it demonstrates the importance of our work. Your willingness to share your story could help save lives by inspiring others to stay safe around the water or by encouraging donations to fund our vital lifesaving work. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

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We’ve listed some examples below to give you an idea of some possible ways your story could be used:

RNLI or RNLI partner’s internal communications, website, social media channels, leaflets, posters, newsletters, newspapers, magazines, television and radio.

Before using your story in any way, we would always contact you to discuss the use of any of the above channels to make sure you are happy with the way we would like to publish your story.

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