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St Catherine's station history


Inshore lifeboat station established in October with the placing on service of a D class lifeboat.


D class lifeboat withdrawn and replaced with a C class lifeboat on 14 April.


Following successful trials in October, utilising an Atlantic 21 class lifeboat on a Do Do launching trolley, St Catherine was designated as an Atlantic 21 class station.


Alteration work, which included the provision of crew facilities, was completed earlier in year on a building found to be suitable to accommodate the Atlantic 21.  The previous boathouse was of insufficient size to house the new lifeboat and launching vehicle.


The Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum was accorded to Senior Helmsman Nigel Sean Sweeny in recognition of his perseverance, skill and seamanship when the lifeboat rescued a surfer who was clinging to his board in strong south-south-westerly winds and driving rain off Plemont in darkness on the night of 1 January.  Framed letters of Thanks signed by the Chairman, Mr Michael Vernon were awarded to crew members Paul Richardson and John Heyes for their valuable contribution to this service and the support they gave to the helmsman. During a visit to St Helier Lifeboat Station on 31 October, HRH The Duchess of Kent presented these awards.


The Walter and Elizabeth Groombridge Award was awarded to Senior Helmsman Nigel Sweeny and crew members Paul Richardson and John Heyes for the service on 1 January 1994 to a surf boarder.


A Framed Letter of Thanks signed by the Chairman prescribed to Helmsman Paul Richardson, crew members Andrew Eeles and Lloyd Banks for the saving of the crew of two and the yacht Maeve on 2 March 2000.  The service took place in severe weather conditions and the yacht was towed to Carteret in France.


Following the visit on 22 October 2001 by the Coast Review delegation, led by Admiral Sir Jock Slater, it was agreed by the Search and Rescue Committee on 6 February 2002 and resolved by the Executive Committee at their meeting on 10 April 2002 that there be no change to the lifeboat cover provided at St Catherine Lifeboat Station.


Internal alterations to the boathouse completed in July at a cost of £8,262.


The new station Atlantic 85 class lifeboat B841 Eric W Wilson was placed on service on 26 June. The lifeboat provided by the generous bequest of Mrs Winifred Madge Wilson in memory of her late husband. B772 has been withdrawn.