Lough Swilly's station history


Inshore lifeboat station established in March with the placing on service of a D class lifeboat at Lough Swilly.


The Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum was accorded to crew members Bernard Devlin and Mark Porter for a service on the night of the 24/25 August 1992, when one of the crew from a missing speedboat was rescued from rocks at the foot of the 35ft cliff at Dunree Head.  Bernard Devlin transferred from a 20ft rigid inflatable shoreboat to the Lough Swilly lifeboat then with a line, entered the water and swam in breaking seas to Dunree Head. Mark Porter, one of the party searching the shoreline, had descended the cliff in darkness by traversing a sloping area to one side and then crossed a water filled gully to reach the stranded man. Framed letters of Thanks signed by the Chairman, Michael Vernon, were presented to Mr Frank O'Hagan, skipper of the 20ft rigid inflatable, and to Mr George O'Hagan, Helmsman of the Lough Swilly D class lifeboat for their part in this service.


A new boathouse constructed to house the station Atlantic 75 with tractor and the D class lifeboat, also improved crew facilities and a souvenir sales outlet.

Atlantic 21 lifeboat placed on Temporary Station duty on 25 March and later replaced by an Atlantic 75 lifeboat B-717 which was placed on service on 5 October.


New D class lifeboat D-502 placed on service on 10 June.


All weather lifeboat ON1115 The Good Shepherd was placed on service in 29 September 2000.


Lifeboat ON1111 William Luckin, funded by the bequest of Mrs Rose Luckin, was placed on service on 6 April 2001.


The Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum accorded to Second Coxswain Mark Barrett for the service on 12 November 2006 when the fishing vessel Mary-Ellen and her crew of six were saved.  This long service in gusting gale force winds and a 10 metre swell saw the lifeboat establish a tow, which parted twice, and tow the fishing vessel to safety at Greencastle. For his actions in taking over steering the lifeboat from the Second Coxswain during parts of the service, Deputy Second Coxswain George O’Hagan was presented with A Framed letter of Thanks signed by the Chairman of the Institution Admiral Sir Jock Slater.


The new Atlantic 85 class lifeboat B-819 Minnie & Ernest George Barry was placed on service on Saturday 28 July. This lifeboat was funded by the generous bequest of Mrs Minnie Barry in memory of her husband Ernest George.  B717 has been withdrawn.


The new Tyne class lifeboat ON1142 Mariners Friend funded by H B Allen charitable trust was placed on service 24 June 2007. Lifeboat ON111 William Luckin has been withdrawn.


The new station Tyne Class lifeboat ON1116 Robert and Violet was placed on service 26 may 2013. Lifeboat ON1142 Mariners Friend has been withdrawn.