Hunstanton's station history


Lifeboat house constructed at a cost of £140, when RNLI established a station.


Lifeboat capsized whilst on service, fortunately without loss of life.


Set of horse launching poles supplied.


New lifeboat house constructed at a cost of £650.


£70 compensation paid to owner for death of horse at an exercise.


£30 granted as compensation for injuries to a horse sustained at an exercise.


Station closed.


Decision made to establish ILB station – proceeded no further as local authorities did not think they would need one at present.


Inshore lifeboat station established with the placing on service of a D class lifeboat in June.


RSPCA awarded crew of lifeboat, A Clarke, A Osborne and J Connors a certificate of merit for the rescue of a dog from a speedboat whose occupant had fallen overboard and had been taken to hospital leaving the speedboat circling at full power.


D class lifeboat withdrawn and replaced by an Atlantic 21 class lifeboat.


Bronze Medal awarded to Helmsman Alan Clarke, in recognition of his courage, skill and determination when the lifeboat rescued a man, together with his sailboard, who was in difficulties close to a wreck off Brancaster in a westerly gale and a rough sea on 31 March 1985.


Second-Service Clasp to the Bronze Medal awarded to Helmsman Alan Clarke in recognition of the courage and seamanship he displayed when landing an injured man from the motor fishing vessel Portunus in The Wash, in a strong southerly gale, short steep seas and total darkness on 7 February 1988.


Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum was accorded to Helmsman, Alan John Clarke, in recognition of the competence and seamanship displayed by him, when in a north-north-westerly strong breeze, rough seas and total darkness on 2 September 1989, the lifeboat rescued the sole occupant of the yacht Sanchia which was aground on the Thornham harbour bar.


New fuel store constructed adjacent to the boathouse.


New Atlantic 75 class lifeboat B-749 was placed on service in September.


Alterations to boathouse completed.


Hovercraft H-003 Hunstanton Flyer (Civil Service no 45) went on service on 25 July.


Lifeboat Operations Manager David Harrison has been awarded the MBE by Her Majesty The Queen in this years New Years Honours.

Facilities for hovercraft completed September at a cost of £179,250.


A85 adaptation completed in December at the total cost of £200,000.


A new class of lifeboat, an Atlantic 85; B-848 Spirit of West Norfolk was placed on service on 23 March.  Lifeboat B-740 has been withdrawn. 

Station established prior to 1825 by Norfolk Association, but not in operation at time of Northumberland Report in 1851.