Horton and Port Eynon's station history


Station established at Port Eynon.  Lifeboat house constructed at a cost of £330.


Slipway extended at a cost of £100.


Watch room built next to lifeboat house.


Lifeboat capsized on two occasions when attempting to render assistance to ss Dunvegan of Glasgow on 1 January.  Three of the crew were drowned – Coxswain W Gibbs, William Eynon and George Harry.  The Committee of Management voted £400 to dependant relatives.

Station temporarily closed on 11 January.  Lifeboat returned to store-yard on 11 May.


Station closed on 10 September.


Lease of lifeboat house surrendered.


Inshore lifeboat station established with the placing on service of a D class lifeboat.  It was decided that the station be known as Horton & Port Eynon.  During the inauguration ceremony on 15 August, a call was received that a bather was in difficulties.  The inshore lifeboat immediately proceeded to the scene and during the search for the bather the inshore lifeboat capsized, throwing the crew of three into the water.  Fortunately they reached the shore safely.


Bronze Medal awarded to Helmsman, John Walter Grove, for the rescue of three people in difficulties amongst rocky reefs off Worms Head on 2 July 1973.  For this service crew members, Charles Gwilyn Twitchett and Andrew John McNulty received the Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum.


Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum accorded to Helmsman, John Walter Grove, for the rescue of 10 people from a capsized yacht and two broken down inflatable boats in gale force wind and rough seas on 10 August.


New boathouse to accommodate both the lifeboat and the tractor was completed in March.  It also included a crewroom with galley, a souvenir outlet, toilet, fuel store and a look-out tower.


Framed Letter of Thanks signed by the Chairman of the Institution, Mr David Acland, presented to Helmsman Lawrence Grove for the rescue of four people cut off by the tide at Worms Head on 27 October.  The rescue took place in rough seas and heavy surf and the inshore lifeboat had to be recovered at Llangennith and returned to station by road.


Ex crew member Lawrence Grove awarded Member, Order of the British Empire (MBE) in Her Majesty The Queen’s Birthday Honours.


Following the visit on 4 September 2001 by the Coast Review delegation, led by Commodore R C Hastie, it was agreed by the Search and Rescue Committee on 6 February 2002 and resolved by the Executive Committee at their meeting on 10 April 2002 that a B class Atlantic/FIBI inshore lifeboat be co-located at this station, subject to the necessary additional shoreworks being provided and clear evidence that sufficient enrolled crew members would be available.


The new station D class lifeboat D688 Albert Wordley was placed on service on 4 March.  This lifeboat was provided by the generous bequest of Mrs Shirley Elizabeth Cottrell in memory of her father. Lifeboat D531 has been withdrawn.


Following the visit on Tuesday 24 January 2012 by the Coast Review delegation, led by Rear Admiral John Tolhurst, it was agreed by the Operations Committee on 21 March 2012 and resolved by the Trustee Board at their meeting on 4 April 2012 that there be no change to the lifeboat cover provided by Horton and Port Eynon Lifeboat Station.