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Eyemouth's station history


One Bronze and one Silver medal have been awarded, the last being voted in 1991.

A station was established in 1876 by the Institution principally for the protection of the local fishermen who were frequently overtaken by sudden storms. 


Lifeboat house and slipway constructed and boulders removed at a cost of £500.


Lifeboat capsized on exercise on 15 January without loss of life.


New lifeboat house and slipway constructed at a cost of £750.


Acetylene beach light supplied.


Bronze Medal awarded to Coxswain W Miller for a service to the Norwegian steamer Livlig in a whole south-south-easterly gale on 6 March.  The lifeboat launched and after an hour in very heavy seas managed to get alongside and take off seven men from the rigging.  After the lifeboat took the men aboard the coxswain, due to the bad weather, took the lifeboat to Granton, a journey of several hours with seas sweeping over them.


Station temporarily closed in August for harbour works.


Station re-opened 17 November and lifeboat placed afloat.


A Centenary Vellum awarded to station.


A Framed Letter of Thanks signed by the Chairman of the Institution awarded to Coxswain A Dougal, Second Coxswain J Aitchison, Second Coxswain/Mechanic J Tarvit, Acting Assistant Mechanic J Dougal and crew members A Redden, J Buchan, J Purves, I Dougal, in recognition of a commendable service, lasting for nearly eight hours on 25 March, when the relief lifeboat Wavy Line in a strong north-north-easterly gale and a rough sea rescued the crew of three of the trawler Hatcliffe and saved the vessel.


Silver Medal awarded to Acting Coxswain/Assistant Mechanic James A Dougal in recognition of his courage, leadership and seamanship and The Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum accorded to each of the crew John Buchan, David Collin, George Walker, Joseph Walker, Robert Walker and Alister Crombie for their support when the lifeboat rescued two skin-divers in difficulties north west of the Ebb Carr Rocks in hurricane force northerly winds and very heavy 30-35ft seas breaking over rocky outcrops, with visibility reduced drastically by rain, spume and spray on 6 October.  The Maud Smith Award for the bravest act of life-saving in 1990 was made to Assistant Mechanic James A Dougal for this service.


New shore facility constructed on Gunsgreen Quay.  This single-story building provides crew facilities, fuel store and general purpose store.


The Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum accorded to Coxswain John Johnston in recognition of his leadership courage and determination when the lifeboat Eric Seal (Civil Service No 36) rescued the three crew of the pilot launch Norman Forster and saved the boat which was in difficulties two and a half miles north east of Fort Castle Head in a north-easterly gale, very rough seas and a heavy swell on 17 October 1992.


The new Trent class lifeboat ON1209 Barclaycard Crusader was placed on service 31 March 1996. This lifeboat was funded by the Barclaycard profile and other legacies and gifts.


New berth completed in March.


Her Majesty the Queen has honoured former Coxswain John Johnston with Member, Order of the British Empire, in the New Years Honours List.


Pontoon berth completed in December at a cost of £107,000.


A boathouse extension was completed in February at a total cost of £125,000.