Craster's station history


A D class lifeboat D-130 sent to station in August.


A new D class lifeboat D-228 was placed on service.


A Framed Letter of Appreciation signed by the Chairman of the Institution awarded to the Helmsman N Robson and crew member K Williams for the skill and determination they displayed in carrying out the difficult rescue of three men who were stranded after their dinghy had been blown onto the Embleston Rocks in a west-north-westerly gale and rough seas on 1 May.


A new D class lifeboat D-290 was placed on service, D-228 was retired to the Relief fleet.


A new D class lifeboat D-395 Bob was placed on service.


New station D class lifeboat, D-542 AB-One was placed on service on 3 February.  D-395 has been withdrawn to Cowes.

Work completed on a new ramp in March.


A new station D class lifeboat D-703 Joseph Hughes was placed on service on Thursday 9 October.  Lifeboat D-542 AB One has been withdrawn to the relief fleet.

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