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Cleethorpes' station history



Following applications from the local residents, a 33ft SR lifeboat Manchester Unity, built at a  cost of £286,  was stationed at Cleethorpes.  Public inauguration on 17 August (see Lifeboat Journal July 1869).


Paid as compensation the sum of £50 for two horses lost on the occasion of the launch of the lifeboat on 8 October 1878.  Considerable encroachment by sea.


Lifeboat moved to Grimsby as there was difficulty in both manning and launching at Cleethorpes.  Boathouse, cost £576, on west side of Tidal Basin.



A new 38ft SR lifeboat, also named Manchester Unity (ON123), built at a cost of £625, was placed on service.


The lifeboat was launched on 18 November to an unknown steamer.  A dredger with several lighters was blocking the entrance to the basin and the lifeboat was unable to get out.  Unfortunately the lifeboat was dashed violently against one of the piers and damaged.  Coxswain Charles Barr, was thrown out and killed being crushed between the boat and the pier.  The Committee of Management voted £250 to the local fund.  The Committee of Management voted £20 to W F Campion whose boat, while at moorings, was fouled and entirely destroyed by the lifeboat.

A new 38ft SR lifeboat also named Manchester Unity (ON206), built at a cost of £452, was placed on service.


Steam lifeboat James Stevens No 3 (ON420) arrived and kept on moorings at a separate location from the boathouse.


Lifeboat Manchester Unity lent to Spurn Station, then under control of Hull Trinity House.

Station non operational from 1901 until 1903.


Steam lifeboat transferred to Gorleston in January.


New lifeboat house and slip completed at entrance to Fish Docks-cost £1,436.

A new Liverpool class lifeboat Charles Burton (ON526), built at a cost of £1044, was placed on service.


The death of crew member Robert Little, attributed to exposure on service to destroyer Violet on 23 February.


Station closed.

 Humber Mouth


An inshore lifeboat station was established at Cleethorpes, renamed Humber Mouth from 1 August.  The ILB was kept at the Humber Mouth Yacht Club 1965-1966 but in 1967 moved to a yard at the holiday camp.


Station closed in March.



An inshore lifeboat station was re-established at Cleethorpes with the placing on service of a D class lifeboat on 29 June.  This was due to the increasing number of call-outs in the area.


Bronze Medal awarded to Helmsman David L Steenvoorden in recognition of the courage, leadership, determination and fine seamanship displayed by him when the lifeboat rescued five canoeists and their canoes in difficulties in the Humber Estuary and then assisted the yacht Serenus in a north-north-westerly storm, confused seas and driving rain on 30 July 1989.  The Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum was accorded to crew members Steven A Burton and Martin J Kennedy in recognition of their courage and seamanship when taking part in this service.  The Ralph Glister Award was also awarded for this service.

A collective framed Letter of Thanks signed by the Chairman of the Institution was awarded to Helmsman D L Steenvoorden, Tractor Driver N Holroyd, Launcher T Smith and crew members D W Richardson, M A Sweeney, M J Kennedy, M N Fowler, S A Burton and W J Barlow in recognition of the service on 30 July 1989 when 29 people were rescued and four rafts joined the rescue operation.


Inshore lifeboat Blue Peter VI  D-454 was placed on service on 22 February.


A Framed Letter of Thanks signed by the Chairman, was awarded to crew member Gary Barlow for the rescue of three people and saving the yacht Kass A Nova on 19 May.


A Framed Letter of Thanks signed by the Chairman was awarded to crew member Shane Johnson in recognition of his determination and fortitude in boarding and handling the yacht Ayesha in extremely trying conditions and with her crew suffering from exhaustion, shock, seasickness and various injuries.  The weather was deteriorating with winds Force 6/7 and 8/9 feet surf.  The Humber lifeboat assisted by passing a towline and taking two crew members from the Ayesha.  Shane Johnson remained on board the vessel with the remaining yachtsman until safe arrival at Grimsby Marina on 18 July.


Boathouse extension was completed in January.


Further extension to the boathouse completed in April.


Silver Medal awarded to Helmsman Gary Barlow, and Bronze Medals awarded to Helmsman Shaun Sonley and crew members Ian Sanderson and Tony Salters for their courage, seamanship and determination during a service with the Humber ALB on 26 February 2004.  A fishing vessel the Dollard, was being driven ashore in north westerly force 8 winds, gusting higher and with heavy snow squalls.  Sanderson and Salters were got aboard the Dollard and the D class got a line aboard her which enabled the ALB to tow her to safety.  Both her crew man’s lives were saved, as was the Dollard herself.  This was a joint service with Humber lifeboat.  Helmsman Barlow received the James Michael Bower Endowment Fund award for this service.

The new class of lifeboat IB1, D-618 Blue Peter VI was placed on service on Monday 5 July. D-441 has been withdrawn to ILC.


The new D-class lifeboat D-757 James Burgess II was placed on service 10 December 2012. The lifeboat was funded by Mr & Mrs Burgess in memory of their son. Lifeboat D-618 Blue Peter VI has been withdrawn.


One Silver and Four Bronze Medals have been awarded, the last voted in 2004.


Cleethorpes – 1868-1882 No record
The name Levi Stephenson appears in some newspaper referrals.

Grimsby - (1882-1927)
Charles Barr ? – 1893
Robert Tye 1894-1898
George Henry Charlton 1898-1902
Joshua Hudson 1903-1912

Richard Elijah Bretton 1912-1923
Robert Bishop Farrow 1923-1925
Robert William Long 1925-1927

No 2 Steam lifeboat -
Thomas S Platt 1898-1902
Joshua Hudson 1902-1903


Edward R Lloyd 1868-1876
J E Fisher 1876-1880
F C Dawson 1880-1882

F C Dawson 1882-1884
Capt Thomas Jewitt 1884-1899
Lt H H Jackson R 1899-1910
Capt H B Boothby DSO 1910-1927

Humber Mouth: -
S R Meakings 1964-1974
R Curtis 1975-1979