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Burry Port's station history

Burry Port Lifeboat Station

Station Historical Notes

Established at Llanelly 1852
Taken over by RNLI 1854
Closed 1863
Moved to Pembrey 1863
Re-opened 1869
Moved to Burry Port 1887
Closed 1914
Re-opened 1973


The Institution formed a new lifeboat establishment at Burry Port, near Llanelly, and placed there a large lifeboat, 37 feet long, 8 feet wide and rowing 12 oars.  This station became a necessity on the closure of the station at Pembrey due to the constant increase of sand there.  The cost of the station has been defrayed from a legacy bequeathed by the late Mrs J S Barclay of Edmonton and, in accordance with her wishes, the boat was named David Barclay of Tottenham (ON110), after her late husband. Lifeboat house cost £250 to construct, less allowance of £50 for old Pembrey lifeboat house.


Terms agreed with local tug owners for use of their tugs, £15 each time tug towed out lifeboat on service and £5 on exercise.


A new SR lifeboat, named David Barclay of Tottenham (ON262), was placed on service.


A new SR lifeboat, also named David Barclay of Tottenham (ON296), was placed on service.


Station closed as the estuary was amply guarded by the neighbouring lifeboat station.


An increase in boating activity in the 1960s and early 1970s led to a number of drowning incidents. As a result, the station reopened in 1973 with a D class inshore lifeboat.


A new D class lifeboat D-331 Dorothy Way, was placed on service.


Extensive work to the boathouse was carried out in order to provide improved crew facilities.

New D class lifeboat D-472 Kip and Kath was placed on service on 18 October.


Following the visit on 5 September 2001 by the Coast Review delegation, led by Commodore R C Hastie, it was agreed by the Search and Rescue Committee on 6 February 2002 and resolved by the Executive Committee at their meeting on 10 April 2002 that there be no change to the lifeboat cover provided at Burry Port Lifeboat Station.  It was also resolved that the potential use of a hovercraft in this area be further investigated along with the longer term requirement for a B class Atlantic/FIBI inshore lifeboat.


The new station D class lifeboat D-611 The Young Watsons was placed on service on 17 September 2003.  This lifeboat was funded by Mr and Mrs WK Bache.  Lifeboat D-472 Kip and Kath has been withdrawn to the relief fleet.


Temporary boathouse for A85 completed at November.

A new B class lifeboat B-768 Blue Peter II donated by the BBC children’s programme Blue Peter.


The new station Atlantic 75 B-731 Dorothy Selina was placed on service 3 October 2011.

The new station D class lifeboat D-749 Diane Hilary was placed on service in December 2011.  This lifeboat was provided by generous support of Mr David Cole.  Lifeboat D-611 The Young Watsons  has been withdrawn to the relief fleet.


Following the visit on Wednesday 25 January 2012 by the Coast Review delegation, led by Rear Admiral John Tolhurst, it was agreed by the Operations Committee on 21 March 2012 and resolved by the Trustee Board at their meeting on 4 April 2012 that there be no change to the lifeboat cover provided by Burry Port Lifeboat Station and that the requirement for a B Class ILB is resolved on completion of the current trial in 2013.

Llanelly/Pembrey, Carmarthenshire (Dyfed)

Station Historical Notes 

Llanelly established 1852
Taken over by RNLI 1854
Closed 1863
Moved to Pembrey 1863
Re-opened 1869
Moved to Burry Port 1887
Closed 1914


A lifeboat stationed at Llanelly by the Shipwrecked Fishermen's and Mariners' Royal Benevolent Society.


SFMRBS boats taken over by RNLI.


Llanelly closed.  New station opened at Pembrey, on weather side (in normal prevailing winds) of entrance to the port.



A new SR lifeboat City of Bath, built at cost of £203, was placed on service and located close to the old Pembrey harbour.


The Llanelly station was re-opened at Pembrey, after some local pressure.  A special iron lifeboat provided and place on pilot/light vessel CERES (see Lifeboat Journal October 1869).  This was wrecked in October 1870.  The lifeboat and stores were recovered, but station closed.


A second boathouse was built in a plantation near the village and a new SR lifeboat Stanton Meyrick of Pimlico 3, built at a cost of £252, was placed on service.


Lifeboat Journal August gives full description of Pembrey.


Pembrey closed owing to constant increase of sand in the locality.


No record pre 1885
Whitfield Martin 1885-1902 C N Broom 1852-1880
Edward John Leyshon 1902-1905 Gerard Elkington 1880-1897
William Thomas 1905-1907 E Northmore Jones 1897-1907
Edward John Leyshon 1907-1908 F J Evans 1907-1908
William Mexsom 1908-1911 F J Morgan 1908-1910
Thomas Edmunds 1912-1913 George Hancock 1910-1914
William James 1913-1914