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Bundoran's station history


Larger boathouse to accommodate the Atlantic 21 class lifeboat with a launching tractor and crew facilities was constructed on the existing site of the old building that was used by the Bundoran Inshore Rescue Service.  Work was carried out on the removal of a quantity of rock from the lifeboat launching channel in order to provide improved launch and recovery of the lifeboat.

Atlantic 21 class lifeboat sent to station on 28 March.


Atlantic 21 withdrawn and replaced by an Atlantic 75 B-711 Helene on 30 May.


Proposals have been approved for additional dredging to the launching channel in order to provide improved launching and recovery of the lifeboat.  Work commenced in June and was completed in July.


The new station Atlantic 85 lifeboat B-834 William Henry Liddington was placed on service on 29 July. Lifeboat B-711 Helene has been withdrawn to the relief fleet. This lifeboat was provided by the generous bequest of Mr John Grover Liddington, in memory of his father.

Alterations at the station to accommodate the larger ILB were completed at a total cost of £130,000.

In 1972 Bundoran Inshore Rescue, a private rescue service modelled on the RNLI, was established.  In 1991 the RNLI was approached by the private rescue service with the wish that they became part of the Institution.  In March 1992 the Committee of Management agreed that an Atlantic 21 class lifeboat station be established at Bundoran absorbing the Bundoran Inshore Rescue Service, initially for one year’s evaluation.  This lifeboat station situated between Sligo Bay and Arranmore lifeboat stations. Sligo Bay being the nearest.