Aberdovey's station history


Two medals have been awarded, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze - the last one voted in 1974.


Station opened with first lifeboat, the Victoria, purchased with help from the Institution and managed by the Harbour Authorities.


Taken over by RNLI


Lifeboat capsized on exercise on 8 December with the loss of one member of the crew.  He was Owen Owen aged 33.


Silver Medal awarded to Mr David Williams of HM Customs at Aberdovey in admiration of his gallant conduct in putting off in the Aberdovey lifeboat in a heavy sea and gale force winds on 8 February 1863 with the view of rescuing the crew of the brig Friends of Newport, which had stranded on Aberdovey bar.  This was not the first time Mr Williams had launched on service to wrecks.


Lifeboat Royal Berkshire, paid for by collections in Berkshire, on station until 1886.


Site of lifeboat house purchased from Capt E Lewis for £150.

Lifeboat house with boundary walls and entrance gate constructed at a cost of £320.

Thomas Niccolls Stratford (ON63) on station until 1904.


Committee of Management voted £50 to dependants of John Price, aged 72, a member of the crew who lost his life in an endeavour to save others on the occasion of a boat accident on 23 August.


Slipway allowing lifeboat to be launched into River Dovey constructed at a cost of £300.


George and Margaret (ON476) on station until 1931.


Lifeboat station closed.


Inshore lifeboat station established in November 1963 at the Outward Bound Sea School with the placing on service of a D class lifeboat ILB 10.


A Framed Letter of Thanks signed by the Chairman of the Institution, Commander F R H Swann OBE RNVR, presented to Mr Ellis Williams in recognition of his valuable services as a member of the crew of the Aberdovey lifeboat from 1920 until the lifeboat was withdrawn in 1931 at which time he was serving as Bowman, and of the many rescue services carried out in his own boat over the years.


D class lifeboat withdrawn and replaced by an Atlantic 21 lifeboat ILB B-514 Guide Friendship I, funded by a Guide Friendship Appeal for the 150th Anniversary of the RNLI, on station until 1983.

Bronze Medal awarded to crew member David Williams in recognition of his courage, initiative and determination when he went to assist three children from the cabin cruiser Lady Jane on 10 August.
The Atlantic class lifeboat launched when a man was seen to fall overboard in a strong west-north-westerly wind and rough seas and arriving on scene found the man suffering from exposure clinging to a life jacket.  He informed the crew that three children were still aboard the cruiser.  Shortly after wreckage was sighted on the South Bank and one child was seen on the sandbank and two in the water.  The lifeboat could not reach them in the shallow water so David Williams swam to the children without a line and with the help of another crew member brought them ashore through heavy surf at great personal risk.  Helmsman Anthony Mills and crew member Andrew Coghill were accorded the Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum for their part in this service.

The eldest child, Jayne Edmunds aged 13, was awarded an inscribed wrist watch in recognition of her actions; she threw a life-jacket to her father when he fell overboard, fired distress signals, instructed her friends to put on life-jackets and when the Lady Jane was wrecked supported one of them in the water.


Atlantic 21 ILB B-559 Long Life III on station until 1999.


New boathouse constructed and opened by Lt Cdr K F Spiers on 10th August.  As well as housing the station's Atlantic 21 and launching tractor, facilities include a souvenir sales outlet, drying room, toilet and crew-room.  No workshop was provided at the time of construction but due to its necessity the crew-room was converted.


First floor constructed in boathouse.  This was to provide a crew-room, galley and store.

Atlantic 75 B-758 Sandwell Lifeline on station.


The new station Atlantic 75 lifeboat B-758 Sandwell Lifeline was placed on service September 1999.  This lifeboat was funded by the Wales & West Mercia appeal.  Lifeboat B-559 Long Life II has been withdrawn to the relief fleet.


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