Photo reminiscences

RNLI Heritage has collaborated with charity Alive to use some of the Forgotten Photos collection in guided reminiscence sessions in the Bournemouth and Poole area

Colour photograph of a care home resident trying on RNLI cap

Photo: Alive/Malcolm Burgin

Trying on an RNLI cap for size

A series of three sessions was devised to take into care homes in the region. Newly digitised images from the 'Forgotten Photos' collection were used as a starting point for reflection, highlighting key events in the RNLI's history.

Colour photograph of a group of care home residents in photo reminiscence session

Photo: Alive/Malcolm Burgin

Photo reminiscence session underway

The sessions allow those living in care home settings to become armchair travellers, using technology to explore a rich visual history from the RNLI Archive. Participants in the sessions were also able to browse a range of objects and crew kit from a handling collection and, in some cases, try on items!

All of the residents enjoyed the images which stirred up memories of, and associations with, the sea. Many were particularly taken with the story of Grace Darling and hearing about the early history of the RNLI.

Colour photograph of care home resident and session facilitator trying on RNLI kit

Photo: Alive/Malcolm Burgin

A handling collection of RNLI kit and objects was used alongside the photographs