Women in Engineering

Engineering is at the very heart of what we do at the RNLI. That’s why it’s crucial we inspire the next generation to consider careers within engineering. 

A photograph of girls from St Michael’s School at 2019’s Women in Engineering Event at RNLI


RNLI Women in Engineering Event

To help inspire and motivate the next generation of women in engineering and to show the RNLI’s commitment to #ShapeTheWorld (the theme for International Women in Engineering Day 2020) we hold a yearly event for local school girls, aged 11-13 years to celebrate International Women in Engineering day. 

For 2020, what would have been our 5th year running the event, we have sadly had to cancel the event due to Coronavirus. Normally, the event presents an opportunity for 50 pupils from 8 schools to meet RNLI people who work in engineering, and get involved in various challenges and activities – from a hands-on demonstration of impact testing on lifeboat materials, to learning about 3D printing, and building a bridge using a combination of lollipop sticks and clothes pegs. 

This year looks a little different, but we hope you will stay inspired!

Activities and useful links

Want to become an engineer?

The RNLI has a wide range of careers within engineering. From designing, building and maintaining of our lifeboats and lifeboat stations, to supporting roles within finance, HR, planning and administration, and lots more. To get your engineering career started with us we have several different pathways for you to choose from: 

This programme is for 14 to 18 year olds and typically involves a 1 week unpaid placement within one of our engineering teams. You will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience and learn more from our experienced and skilled employees.
  • The RNLI work experience programme has been paused for the academic year 2020/21 but is likely to restart in 2021/22. For any work experience queries please contact us at workexperience@rnli.org.uk.

If you decide to go to university and you need to find an employer for your industry placement then the RNLI might be able to support you with this.

As an RNLI apprentice you will get to earn a salary, gain recognised qualifications and acquire valuable workplace skills in your chosen career.

Careers links and contacts

  • Need some inspiration to help you decide which engineering career could be right for you? Then visit Tomorrow’s Engineers.  

  • Take a quiz to see how your skills match up to different Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) careers. 

  • LikeToBe helps students to explore careers, engage with potential employers and build their employability skills.


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