Water Safety Campaign

Create your own water safety campaign.

RNLI Water Safety Campaign activity slides
  • 30 minutes
  • Required: printer
  • Float

This activity encourages students to create a water safety campaign, aimed at their peers, to communicate the RNLI’s important ‘float’ message.

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This activity can be delivered in a single or multiple sessions as a school-based campaign, with students bringing their campaigns to fruition within the school.

Students are free to choose how to tackle this: an app, a poster, a game, a radio or TV ad, a leaflet, a short film or a PR stunt. They should think about how to ensure maximum exposure with their bullseye target audience of 14–16 year-olds.

If time allows, they’ll not only write up and present their concepts, but also take them from the scoping stage to the first stage of content creation.

Curriculum links: 

  • England KS4&5, PSHE, Health & Wellbeing
  • Northern Ireland KS4, LLW, Personal Development
  • Republic of Ireland SPHE, Personal Safety
  • Scotland Senior Phase
  • Wales KS4 & 5, Health and emotional well-being 
Play this video to help share our key water safety messages and bring the work of the RNLI to life for your young people.

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