Thank you to everyone who supported the Creches for Bangladesh appeal. Because of you, the appeal has been a huge success and there’s real progress in the fight to protect children from drowning.

Your generosity helped the appeal exceed our £40,000 target and the appeal received further funding from trusts and foundations. These donations have been doubled by the UK government, resulting in a lifesaving total of over £1.6M.

The project started in August and we are working hard with our partners to get 300 creches up and running by January. Thanks to the amazing response to the appeal, that’s 100 more creches than expected. Plus we’ll be able to make the new creches even better, keeping children safer with increased enrolment and attendance.

Already we’ve selected 100 creche caregivers and 9 supervisors, who will look after at least 2,500 children. So far, 61 community groups have been set up to support the new creches. Daily attendance at a creche can reduce a child’s risk of drowning by 82%.

Changing the lives of children and women 

Rehana Parvin Ani and Kuku Moni (pictured below) are caregivers at their local creches who have just been promoted to supervisors. They have both completed their Master’s degrees and the funding from this appeal is helping to train them, and women like them, in the delivery of early childhood education.

The pair say that the work has changed their lives.

’People started to see us differently,’ says Kuku. ‘Both of us have recognition in our respective villages, which is quite different from other women.’ Rehana says the work is empowering: ‘Now I am independent. I can also contribute to my family.’

And if you’d like to know more about our drowning prevention partnerships in Bangladesh and elsewhere, you’ll find details of the work on our lifesaving intervention pages.
Rehana Parvin Ani and Kuku Moni are caregivers at their local creches who have just been promoted to supervisors.


Creche Supervisor Kuku Moni hosting a meeting.