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International funding

The international drowning problem is vast, but we know that simple, inexpensive solutions are very effective. A small amount spent on overseas projects can change countless lives.

A child learning to swim in the sea on Zanzibar

Photo: RNLI / Mike Lavis

A child learning to swim in the sea on Zanzibar

In 2018 we spent £3.3M on international projects. At just 2% of the RNLI’s total spend, this covers everything from advocacy work at the United Nations to setting up training pools in Bangladesh.

Your gift can make all the difference

It costs less than £100 to teach a class of 30 children water safety lessons, or to teach a child to swim in a safe, supervised environment. It only costs £2.50 to pay for a whole month of day-care for one child in a creche in Bangladesh. Whether your donation is large or small, it will help save lives in countries worst affected by drowning.

Using funds well

During any project, we help partners with organisational development to ensure they can continue without the RNLI’s support - in particular finding sustainable ways to fund their services in future.

We are also seeking funds from a wide range of other organisations, trusts, foundations, businesses and donors to support our international work.

Our international vision is of a world in which no-one should drown. Could you help us towards this vision?

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