Sand signage

Do you live near the Coast? If so you could be involved in producing innovative Water Safety Sand Signage.

RNLI volunteer raking safety message into beach sand


These signs are used to highlight local hazards and conditions so when you will be asked to do this can be variable. You will be linked with a local member of the RNLI Lifesaving team to identify times and patterns when this signage will be effective.  


We are looking for interest in the following regions

  • South East
  • North East
  • South West
  • Scotland

This works best on sandy beaches with a high elevation that the public can view the messaging from. Sand Signage is proven to be a highly effective way of providing timely localised messaging. 


We are looking for support from within the local communities to deliver this; together we truly believe we can save lives. Over half the people that get into trouble in the water didn’t expect to get wet. We need support from local people to deliver this timely, adaptable messaging.  If you have any questions, please contact