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An E class lifeboat is on the River Thames in the evening, with office buildings and skyscrapers in the background.

Fundraising ideas for work

Get the team together with this list of 15 office fundraising ideas. The further down the list you go, the more challenging the ideas get! How many can you and your colleagues complete?

Work together to raise lifesaving funds for the RNLI, and have lots of fun along the way! Remember to register your event - we’ll give you access to our helpful resources and one-to-one support.

1. Betty’s 5p pots

Difficulty level: Very easy
Betty Bayliss, an RNLI volunteer fundraiser, came up with the idea of filling small jam jars with 5p coins. Bring some small jam jars to work and see who can fill their jar the quickest!

2. Wear wellies

Difficulty level: Very easy
Be inspired by the lifeboat volunteers’ yellow wellies, an essential part of their protective crew kit. Ask your colleagues to make a donation to wear wellies to work – extra points if they’re yellow! 

3. Baby face

Difficulty level: Easy
One of the classic charity ideas for work – guess the baby. Ask people to bring in photos of themselves as a baby, then see who can match up the most people with their baby photos correctly. People can donate to have a go.

4. Job swap

Difficulty level: Easy
Job swapping is a great way to fundraise at work, and you also get to see what life is like in your colleague’s shoes! Get sponsored to give another job a go or auction off a job role to the highest bidder. 

5. Masterclass

Difficulty level: Easy
Share your skills! Hold a masterclass over lunchtime and ask your colleagues to come along in return for a donation. It could be anything from cookery to crochet, football skills to photography. 

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6. Lunch from around the world

Difficulty level: Easy
In this bring-and-share with a difference, ask everyone to cook or buy a dish from a country of their choice. People can donate to join in and then enjoy a delicious lunch together.

A woman is holding a dish full of food with oven gloves and smiling.


Lunch from around the world is a delicious way to raise funds in the office!

7. Photo scavenger hunt

Difficulty level: Medium
Organise your colleagues into small teams and give them a list of things to get photos or videos of within a time limit. It could be anything – selfies with the boss, re-enacting a famous scene, something yellow. Give prizes to the team with the most photos ticked off their list and the most creative or funny photo.

8. Team sports tournament

Difficulty level: Medium
Host a sports tournament with your workmates! Get people into teams and challenge them to a tournament in a sport of your choice. For example: dodgeball, football or netball. Ask for a donation to enter.

9. Row, row, row your boat

Difficulty level: Medium
Until the 1850s, RNLI lifesavers had to row their lifeboats to the rescue! Be inspired - set up a sponsored rowing challenge for your team and raise money that will help save lives at sea today.

10. Reindeer Run

Difficulty level: Challenging
Get your running shoes on for the RNLI’s annual Reindeer Run with your work colleagues. Run alongside other fundraisers if there’s a Reindeer Run event happening near you. If not, you can still take part virtually!

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11. Olympics

Difficulty level: Challenging
Hold your own mini-Olympics at the office! Get creative with sporting events and challenges – for example, table tennis on the break room table, a stair climb or rubber band archery. Ask people for a donation to enter.

12. Company car wash

Difficulty level: Challenging
Get your team involved - grab some buckets and sponges, head to the car park and wash your colleagues’ cars in return for a donation. As well as raising funds for charity, it’s a great teambuilding exercise.

13. Mayday Mile

Difficulty level: Challenging
Take on the Mayday Mile challenge together and do a mile a day in May for the RNLI. It’s up to you how and where you do your mile – walk, run, swim, or even do it in wellies!

A group of men and women are running along a promenade for their Mayday Mile.

Photo: RNLI/Nathan Williams

How will you and your colleagues do your Mayday Mile?

14. Wacky races (lifeboat edition)

Difficulty level: Challenging
Make go karts and decorate them like RNLI lifeboats. Ask for an entry donation or get people to place their bets on who will win, and then race away! Prizes for the fastest and the most lifeboat-like go kart!

15. Break a Guinness World Record 

Difficulty level: Very challenging
Would you dare to take on a world-record-breaking challenge? Collect sponsorship and see if your team can break a Guinness World Record. Best of luck – of all these charity event ideas for work, this has to be the most difficult!

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