Remember a Charity Week with the Wombles

This year Remember A Charity Week runs 7-13 September. With some help from the Wombles, over 200 charities including the RNLI are shouting about the amazing impact leaving a charitable gift in your Will can have on a number of incredible causes.

Six in ten RNLI lifeboat launches are only possible due to gifts left in supporters’ Wills. That's an incredible statistic, and it's an even more amazing gift that so many of our generous supporters have chosen to give in this way. That’s why each year the RNLI joins with over 200 other charities to celebrate Remember A Charity Week. The campaign helps to raise awareness of charitable legacy giving, shine a light on the impact these gifts can have, and address myths and misconceptions about leaving a gift in one’s Will.

This year Remember a Charity is lucky enough to have the help of Great Uncle Bulgaria and the rest of the Wombles to spread the message far and wide. In the video, the Wombles explain how people can leave a gift to charity in their Will while making provisions for their friends and family - including one does not mean excluding the other.

Here at the RNLI we actively encourage supporters to think about their loved ones first, and only then to consider leaving a gift to help fund our lifesaving work. This can be done through a cash gift or through a percentage of someone’s estate, so the person making the Will can make sure their wishes are followed.

If you would like to find out more about leaving a legacy to the RNLI, please see our legacy page

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