Buy and sell on eBay

Next time you're selling online, you and eBay can help the RNLI

eBay is a website that brings together buyers and sellers across the world to buy the things they want and sell the things they don't.

The good news is that you can now sell goods on eBay and donate to the RNLI at the same time! 

Sellers can choose to donate between 10% - 100% of the final sale price to their chosen charity.  A minimum £2 donation applies. What's more, eBay will donate the same percentage of the final value fee!

Over 1500 charities have registered with eBay and the RNLI has already benefited from the sales of many items, from concert tickets and books to a signed football and even a banana!

To buy or sell items that benefit the RNLI on eBay.

Will you stand with us?

Our brave volunteer crews are still on call, 24/7, despite the global pandemic. We urgently need you to stand with us in these uncertain times so they can continue to be there for you, your loved ones and everyone who needs them.