Water Safety resources

Find resources and information to help you share water safety advice in your community.

From commercial fishing crews to coastal walkers – it’s vital that people know how to stay safe when on or around the water. By sharing water safety advice, the RNLI aims to prevent incidents before they happen and encourage people to adopt safer behaviour, so that they can safely enjoy their time at the coast. 

Below you will find resources to help you support water safety in your area, including our safety advice for specific activities and information about our main summer beach safety campaign.

If you need further support please email Water_Safety@rnli.org.uk

Man floating in the ocean
Float to Live messaging
All the resources you need to share our float to live message. 
National campaign resources
Bird's eye view of a beach scene with sand, sea and visitors
Beach Safety

If you're heading for the beach, there are things you can do to keep yourself and your family safe.

Beach safety resources
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Water Safety Guides and Booklets
Download guides and booklets to help you share safety messages.
Water Safety Guides and Booklets
Children using RNLI education resources in the classroom
Education resources
Teach young people how to be safe near and in the water – and what to do if anything ever goes wrong. Free downloadable learning resources for water safety workshops and more.
Find an activity
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Choose your activity
For some, being in, on or around the water is a passion. For others it’s a livelihood. And for the lucky ones, it’s both.
Choose your activity
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Personal Floatation Devices (PFD) Resources
PDFs with information and safety messaging on lifejackets and buoyancy aids.
Personal Flotation Devices Resources
Calling for help all personal devices
Calling for help
PDFs with information on how to call for help and devices you should use.
Calling for help resources
RNLI lifeguard crashing through the surf on a rescue watercraft
Editable Event Posters
Download editable posters to advertise your local events and presentations
Editable Event Posters