You might be surprised how many coastal deaths are linked to alcohol. You should never go into the water after drinking. 

A pint of lager in a Respect the Water glass

Photo: RNLI / Nathan Williams

A pint of lager in a Respect the Water glass
James Edward Clark's alcohol and water story

Around 1 in 8 coastal deaths in the UK involve alcohol, and it is a contributing factor in many more water-related incidents.

Minimise the risk

If you're going to drink, save it for after you've been in the water.

Alcohol can seriously impair your judgement, reactions and ability to swim.

If you’re out drinking near the sea or a river, look out for your mates.

All too often we hear of people who drown despite never intending to enter the water. Slips, trips and falls are common and many alcohol-related accidents begin near, rather than in the water.

A wonderful life cut short

Student James Clark lost his life in the Thames after a fun evening with friends. His family want to share the story about his tragic death to warn others of the dangers of drinking near stretches of water.