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Composer Jon Nicholls on the 200 Voices podcast
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

‘I think I’d like to call it Home and Dry - that’s the gift that the RNLI gives us’

199. Home and Dry: Jon Nicholls

200 Voices might be a podcast, but when the composer of the theme music created the soundtrack, it was a movie that played in his head.

The sea doesn’t want for drama. And with its ever-changing moods - from blissful calm to surging swells - it has long inspired musicians. In it, Jon Nicholls, composer of the 200 Voices soundtrack, finds beauty and danger in equal measure. Jon reveals how he went about creating the music for the series, and shares some of the influences that shaped his choices, such as using folk instruments to nod to the ordinary people who have - and still do - put to sea to help others.

Hear about the movie that played in the composer’s head from the outset. It’s no coincidence that listening to the soundtrack, one is reminded of the rise and fall of the waves. But the theme also traces the lifesavers’ journey, from launch to dry land - discover how Jon takes us on that journey with them.

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