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Writer Helen Doe on the 200 Voices podcast
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

'Everyone has a story about the RNLI, and how important it is'

198. Righting History: Helen Doe

The writer of One Crew – an RNLI history book – recounts some of the names and stories that time forgot.

Over 200 years the RNLI has saved more than 144,000 lives. Many rescues and achievements are rightly celebrated, but some sit below the horizon. So when maritime historian Helen Doe set about the daunting task of capturing 2 centuries’ worth of lifesaving and loss, the author decided that it was time some of the lesser-known examples of courage, commitment and sacrifice were included.

In her book – One Crew: The RNLI’s Official 200-Year History – Helen charts the course of the charity, from its humble beginnings to the modern organisation it is today. Over such a span, stormy seas are inevitable. The book explains how the RNLI navigated them, and endured. Along the way, we learn not just about the major milestones and headline-catching rescues, but of characters – some pivotal – and stories brought up from the depths.

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