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RNLI Heritage and Archive Research Manager Hayley Whiting on the 200 Voices podcast
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

‘The core of what Hillary set out is what the RNLI is today’

195. Enduring Appeal: Hayley Whiting

The charity’s founder was a man on a mission. In his words from 1823, we see the same guiding vision that’s saving lives 2 centuries later.

On 28 February 1823, RNLI founder Sir William Hillary wrote his Appeal to the Nation. It set out his vision for a voluntary organisation, supported by charitable donations to save lives at sea. A vision so forward-thinking that its principles hold true today.

As Heritage Archive and Research Manager, it’s Hayley Whiting’s job to look after this document, and the thousands of others that chart the RNLI’s evolving response to the ‘preservation of life’.

On a tour that takes in barometers, medals, rockets and chocolate, Hayley talks us through the Appeal, and explains why Hillary would still recognise the modern RNLI by its founding values: that whoever you are, you will be rescued; that we will find new ways to keep everyone safe; and that we will share our expertise with like-minded people around the world.