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Flamborough Lifeboat Operations Manager David Freeman on the 200 Voices podcast
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

‘Don’t lose respect for the sea’

Episode 176 – David Freeman on a Sole Survivor

In 1861, all but one of the RNLI Whitby crew died when their lifeboat capsized. David Freeman reveals what saved his ancestor, Henry Freeman.

In Whitby, they’re planning to add a new statue to the Whitby Sculpture Trail – a series that depicts notable figures in homage to the heritage and history of the town. The new sculpture – part of a planned RNLI-themed garden – will be of a silver-medal-winning RNLI lifesaver by the name of Henry Freeman.

When his lifeboat capsized in a storm, Henry was the sole survivor, thanks to something he was wearing that the other 12 crew members were not. It was a new-fangled invention – a lifejacket made of cork. David Freeman, Lifeboat Operations Manager at RNLI Flamborough, tells the story of his famous relative.