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Proud RNLI member and lifesaver Finley Hassall on the 200 Voices podcast
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

‘I told him to float like a starfish’

Episode 71 – Future Lifeguard: Finley Hassall

Meet the 11-year-old lifeguard-in-the-making who saved a boy from drowning.

Proud RNLI member Finley loves the stack of Storm Force magazines in his bedroom. But it was on the beach in Cornwall that our water safety tips really leapt off the page. 

Remembering the Float to Live message shared by Stormy Stan and his cartoon gang, Finley was able to spot the signs of someone in danger and calmly work out what to do. 

In this episode, Finley tells us what it means to be part of the RNLI’s club for kids, and how a gift from his nan turned him into a lifesaver.