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1922: The rescue of the Hopelyn

Watch the incredible story of how two lifeboat crews saved 24 lives (and a cat) in one of the most dramatic rescues in RNLI history.

Black and white photo of lifeboat coxswain holding a life ring from a ship

October 1922: The SS Hopelyn sets sail from Newcastle bound for London, carrying onboard 3,400 tons of coal, 24 crew members and one ship's cat - Tishy. But a strong gale leaves the ship stranded on a sandbank and facing the full force of the stormy seas.

What would follow is one of the most dramatic rescues in RNLI history as crews from Great Yarmouth & Gorleston and Lowestoft battled for over 36 hours to save every one onboard the Hopelyn. Watch the video below to learn all about this incredible rescue.

You can read how this incredible rescue was reported at the time over at the lifeboat magazine archive.

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