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Rescue of the Green Lily: 25 years on

When a cargo vessel lost power in a terrible storm, Lerwick Lifeboat needed all the skill and bravery they possessed to save the lives of those onboard

On 19 November 1997, the Green Lily lost power 15 miles south east of Lerwick. When all attempts to tow the ship to safety failed, the call for help went out. What followed was one of the most dramatic rescues in RNLI history, as the crew of Lerwick lifeboat and Coastguard helicopter Rescue Lima Charlie battled big waves and storm-force winds to save the lives of all onboard. The story is also one of tragedy, as Coastguard Winchman Bill Deacon was swept overboard by a wave. Watch the film to see incredible footage from the rescue.

If you'd like to read more on this incredible rescue, than you can read our account that was included in the RNLI's Lifeboat Magazine at the time. And if this story has given you an appetite for more dramatic rescue stories featuring RNLI lifesavers, why not sign up to become a member and receive Lifeboat Magazine direct to your door four times a year?