Watch: How do you launch an 18-tonne, £2+ million lifeboat?

The Shannon Launch and Recovery System is a unique portable slipway which allows our crews to launch the Shannon class lifeboat in locations that would be otherwise inaccessible. 

Weighing in at 37 tonnes, this impressive piece of kit can carry the 18-tonne Shannon over all kinds of beach terrain, from steep shelving shingle to wet, sticky sand. The tractor can then drive straight into big surf and safely launch the lifeboat in up to 2.4m of water. And, in the event of breakdown with an incoming tide, the watertight tractor can be completely submerged in depths of up to 9m before being retrieved once the tide has receded. 

These features add up to saving valuable time in lifesaving situations.

Watch the Shannon Launch and Recovery System in action:

Bringing them home

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