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Stonehaven's Station history

ON Lifeboat name Period Launches Lives Rescued Cost 

St George
Gift of Mrs Burgen of St John's Wood

1868-1874 2 0 275
- Star
Gift of Mrs Henry Heam of Buckingham
1874-1888 3 4 323
147 Alexander Black
Gift of Mrs A Black of London
 1888-1916  11 21 421

Joseph Ridgway
Legacy of Miss Jane Lewis of Southport

1916-1934 4 7 2137
- Inshore lifeboats 1967-1984 77 40 -


Silver Medal awarded to Master Mariner John Leslie for rescuing the Master and her four man crew when the schooner Olive was wrecked at the entrance to Stonehaven harbour on 4 April. The lifeboat capsized and two of her crew of 10 were drowned – Edmund Balls, a Coastguard and Alexander Angus, The RNLI paid a grant of £5 to each of their widows.


Silver Medal awarded to Coastguard Daniel Sutherland for rescuing from the rigging, with seas breaking over, the Master, Mate and a seaman from the wrecked sloop Nancy on 19 November.


Silver Medals awarded to Coastguard John Chaddock and Robert Collison, Master of the William and John, for rescuing the crew of six from the schooner Christiana, wrecked near Stonehaven pier on 26 November 1852.


Lifeboats were presented to Stonehaven and Aberdeen by Miss Lydia A Barclay.


The Kincardineshire Lifeboat Association informed the RNLI that they were prepared to place their station under the administration of the Institution. It was decided to form a station.


Public inauguration on 12 March. Boathouse built on the south side of the pier, cost £203.


Silver Medal awarded to James Crowden, Chief Officer of Coastguard at Muchalls, for service to schooner Kinloss of Aberdeen on 21 January. He put off with six other men in a coble and saved four men. He was also awarded the Albert Medal Second Class.


Lifeboat upset returning from barque Grace Darling of Blyth, which had in fact not needed her assistance. Lifeboat wrecked among rocks at the back of Aberdeen pier. Twelve people were on board, four drowned - Coxswain James Leiper, 2nd Coxswain John Brown, Alexander Main and James Lees. Institution awarded £250 to local fund.


New boathouse built, cost £327. Completed 1890.


German Government expressed their thanks for the services of the lifeboat in rescuing the crew of four of the German schooner Hiskelina on 16 December.


New boathouse built, cost £756.


Service by wartime emergency subsidised motor fishing boat Ivy on 30 April, saving two from an aircraft.


Offshore station closed.


Inshore lifeboat station at Stonehaven.


Inshore lifeboat withdrawn 31 October. Station closed as an RNLI station. Stonehaven’s Maritime Rescue Institute now provide cover.


Station is being re-established for a trial period during which time suitable shoreworks can be established.


The new station Atlantic class lifeboat B-744 Braemar has been placed on service 1 August 2014. 

Coxswains Year Honorary Secretaries Year 
James Leiper ?-1874 A Gordon Brown 1868
Andrew Brown 1888-1908
J G Soutar 1869-1872
R Davidson 1908-1930
Alexander Weir Jnr 1872-1875
William Christie 1930-1934
D Carr 1875-1904

J B Cunningham 1904-1927
G Gray 1927-1934

J Elliot 1967-1974
A G Balmer 1975-1976
Ian Victor Mackenzie 1976-1984