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Rock's station history


D class lifeboat sent to Rock on 4 March, for one season's evaluation as of 26 March.


Rock permanently established as an all year round inshore lifeboat station from 8 April.

New D class lifeboat D489 was placed on service on 27 September.


Proposals for the new D class boathouse were approved and works commenced in November 1996 and completed in June 1997. The new boathouse is of single storey construction and provides housing for the lifeboat and launching vehicle.


The new class of lifeboat IB1, D634 Rusper was placed on service Tuesday 1 February. D489 has been withdrawn to ILC.


A Framed Letter of Thanks signed by the Chairman of the Institution, Admiral the Lord Boyce, awarded to Helmsman Ciaran Bligh and crew member Sam Bishop in recognition of exemplary boat handling skill and significant courage and selflessness when they saved the life of a young girl on 23 July 2012. The girl had become trapped inside a cave by the incoming tide and the height of the surf, which was breaking violently upon the rocks, made the conditions extremely challenging. Sam Bishop entered the water whilst Ciaran Bligh made an astern approach back into the cave and after two attempts both the casualty and crew member were recovered onto the boat.


A Framed Letter of Thanks signed by the Chairman of the Institution, Charles Hunter Pease, will be presented to the station in recognition of the initiative, teamwork and professionalism when they went to the aid of an out of control speedboat Milly, in the Camel Estuary near Tregirls beach on 5 May 2013. The family had been thrown from the speedboat and had suffered some very serious injuries. Rock ILB and two Kayakers were already on scene. One of the kayakers, Leigh Anderson, an off duty Casualty Care Trainer for the RNLI, was looking after multiple casualties with the assistance of her partner, Charlie Gay, whilst the other Kayaker towed the body of a man who had been hit by Milly after being ejected. Rock ILB and local trip boat Thunder continued to transfer casualties to Padstow Harbour for treatment. Padstow crew searched the area for any other casualties before being tasked to the harbour where the body of a young girl had emerged from under the hull of Milly. Two crew members entered the water to recover her body. She was the final family member. Leigh Anderson will be accorded The Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum in recognition of her courage, initiative and skills when she attended to the family in need. Charlie Gay also received a Framed Letter of Thanks signed by the Chairman of the Institution, Charles Hunter Pease, for his part in this service.


The new D class lifeboat D-772 Rusper II was placed on service on 6 October 2014. Lifeboat D-634 Rusper has been withdrawn.

In May 1993 the Padstow Harbour Commissioners approached the RNLI proposing the need for an Inshore lifeboat to cover the River Camel Estuary, which had previously been covered by the Harlyn private rescue service, but was no longer operating any boats. Incidents occurring inside the Doom Bar were being dealt with by other local vessels.

In November 1993 the Committee of Management agreed that a D class inshore lifeboat station be established at Rock, on the northern side of the river, opposite the town of Padstow, for one season's evaluation, and that it would be independent from Padstow all-weather lifeboat station.