RNLI shops, museums and the College will open as Government guidance allows. Lifeboat stations remain operational but are not open to visitors.

Station history


Silver Medal awarded to Charles Mitchell, a local fisherman, for putting off at great risk on three occasions in fishing boats to rescue crew of four of the sloop Busy on 25 October.


Lifeboat house constructed at a cost of £230.


Silver Second-Service clasp awarded to Charles Mitchell, fisherman, for his gallant service in assisting with the rocket apparatus to save five from the brig Stephano Grosso of Genoa on 24 October.


Lifeboat capsized on 25 March whilst on exercise without loss of life.


Silver Medal awarded to James Hayes in recognition of his good services rendered for many years past.


Lifeboat station closed.


Inshore lifeboat station established in June with the placing on service on a D class lifeboat.


Certificate of Merit awarded to station by the RSPCA for assistance given by the inshore lifeboat when 30 bullocks plunged over a cliff at Port Quin on 5 October.


The Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum accorded to Helmsman Clive F Martin in recognition of the skill and determination displayed by him when the inshore lifeboat was taken ashore through heavy breaking surf avoiding many submerged rocks to rescue a seriously injured man who had fallen from the cliffs at Jackets Point on 4 May. Vellum service certificates were presented to the other members of the crew.


The Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum accorded to Helmsman Mark J Provis and crew member Edward J Fletcher in recognition of their skill and determination when the inshore lifeboat was manoeuvred close to rocks and rescued a boy trapped on a narrow ledge near the base of the cliffs at Bessiney on 14 August. Edward Fletcher jumped for the rock when the inshore lifeboat was within two feet of the cliff but was unable to hold on and fell back into the sea. The next wave lifted him 10 feet to a ledge just below the boy and threw the inshore lifeboat against the rocks.


In March refurbishment work was completed to the ground floor of the Slipway Hotel in order to provide accommodation for the lifeboat and crew facilities. The previous boathouse was considered very cramped and offered little in respect of crew facilities.


New D class lifeboat D517 was placed on service on 29 May.


The Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum was accorded to Helmsman Kevin Dingle and crewman Mike Edkins and a Framed Letter of Thanks signed by the Chairman was awarded to crew member Paul Pollington and Station Officer Port Isaac Auxiliary Coastguard Kenneth C Richards when the inshore lifeboat launched to a father and son washed into a cave in Bossiney Cove on 6 September. During the rescue attempt the surging swell washed two of the lifeboatmen into the cave and the third had to be winched to safety by helicopter.


New D class lifeboat D546 was placed on service on 3 June.


A Centenary Vellum awarded to the station in celebration of 100 years of service.


New D class lifeboat D707 Copeland Bell was placed on service on 23 November. D546 has been withdrawn.


A Framed Letter of Thanks signed by the Chairman, Admiral the Lord Boyce, awarded to Helmsman Andy Cameron in recognition of his Judgement, seamanship, casualty care and decision making when one, maybe two anglers had been swept off the rocks below the Camelot Hotel on 31 December 2012. The wind was South West to West force 4-5 with a moderate sea running and a ground swell of 2 metres. Helmsman Andy Cameron headed out 50 metres to sea to get away from the worst conditions and allow for better care of the casualty. He was obviously very cold so crew member Main placed his own helmet on the casualty and covered him with the survivor bag. Helmsman Andy Cameron asked for the casualty to be placed in the sitting position with his knees up against his chest and his condition began to improve. At this point the casualty confirmed he was on his own. The ILB then headed for the South side of the harbour entrance, beaching the boat just below the slipway The casualty was handed into the care of the paramedics.


Silver Medal awarded to Helmsman Damien Bolton and Bronze Medals awarded to Crew Members Nichola Bradbury and Matthew Main recognition of their courage, boat handling skill, initiative and leadership in very difficult sea conditions when the lifeboat saved the life of one man on the morning of 8 April 2012 who, with another, had been swept into the sea from beneath the cliffs at Tregardock whilst walking back from angling on the rocks. The service was conducted in north north easterly force 4/5 winds with steep breaking three metre waves. Unable to approach due to the sea conditions, rocky foreshore and ropes floating in the water, the lifeboat was veered down to within three metres of the casualties. One man was brought aboard and cared for by the lifeboat crew. Sadly, the other man had passed away. Both casualties were taken ashore by the lifeboat crew.