Kinsale's Station history


A relief B class Atlantic lifeboat, B-705 Vera Skilton, was placed on service at Kinsale on 11 July 2003 until 8 December 2003.

The new Atlantic 75 B class of lifeboat B-796 Miss Sally Anne (Baggy) was placed on service on 8 December. This lifeboat was funded by the donation from Miss Sally Odell.


The Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum accorded to Crew Member Nicky Searls in recognition of his gallantry, skill and compassion when he climbed 20 metres up a cliff in darkness, in full personal protection equipment.


A new station was established at Kinsale at a total cost of €1,280,000, this was formally ratified by the Trustee’s at their meeting on 7 April 2010.

A lifeboat station was established prior to 1825 and apparently lapsed some time before February 1892. There is no record of any launches or lives saved. The RNLI considered the question of re-opening a lifeboat station at Kinsale, at the time, but decided to postpone the question.  

At 2000hrs on Friday 11 July 2003 Kinsale Lifeboat Station was declared officially to the Irish Coast Guard as an operational station.