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Kilkeel's Station history


Lifeboat station was established at Kilkeel and became operational on 10 October with the placing on service of a D class lifeboat.


At the Committee of Management meeting held in June it was resolved that Kilkeel be designated to Atlantic 21 status, and the D class lifeboat be replaced.


New Schat Davit manufactured and installed in July on the quayside on the north pier for the Atlantic 21 lifeboat.

An Atlantic 21 lifeboat placed on service on 21 September.  The D class lifeboat was withdrawn at the end of October.

A new boathouse completed in November.  As well as housing the lifeboat it included a workshop, and improved crew facilities.


The new station Atlantic 21 class lifeboat B593 was placed on service on 27 January 1993.  This lifeboat was provided from the generous bequest of Margaret Campbell Hull.


A boathouse extension and Davit for FIB1 completed on 6 March at a cost of £212,862.

The new Atlantic 85 lifeboat B812 Frank William Walton was placed on service on Tuesday 28 November 2006.  This lifeboat was Funded by the generous bequest of Mr Frank William Walton of Birmingham.  B593 has been withdrawn to ILC Cowes.