RNLI shops, museums and the College will open as Government guidance allows. Lifeboat stations remain operational but are not open to visitors.

Clifden's station history


C class lifeboat sent to station on 15 March for one season’s evaluation.


In March the station became a fully operational summer season only lifeboat station.


Part of a building used for housing the lifeboat was demolished and a new purpose built building constructed in order to provide adequate facilities for the lifeboat and crew.  As well as providing an area for the C class lifeboat and launching vehicle, it included a workshop and crew facilities.


Atlantic 21 B-575 John Batstone was placed on service on 22 May and kept afloat until the B class boathouse was built. The C class was taken out of service. 


New boathouse for Atlantic 21 and tractor completed in August.

A new D class lifeboat D-525 Holme Team IV was placed on service in May. She was funded by the landlord and regulars of the Fleece Inn at Holmfirth.


New Atlantic 75 class lifeboat B-751 Benjamin Dowing Fairbridge was placed on service on 12 January.


A Framed Letter of Thanks signed by the Chairman of the Institution, Mr Peter Nicholson awarded to Helmsman Bernard Whelan for saving the crew of two, a dog and the yacht Cicada.  The service was carried out in very strong winds within 40 metres of Fahy Point, on a lee shore.


A Framed Letter of Thanks signed by the Chairman of the Institution Admiral Sir Jock Slater presented to Helmsman Bernard Whelan for saving the lives of four people and rescuing another two after a currach had capsized on the morning of 28 December 2006.  The service was conducted in extremely cold conditions and crucial time was saved as Helmsman Whelan’s expect local knowledge enabled the lifeboat to transit rock strewn channels to reach the scene.


A New station lifeboat Atlantic 85 B-869 Joyce King was placed on service on 26 June 2013. This lifeboat was funded by the bequest of Mr John King in memory of his dear wife.  Lifeboat B-751 Benjamin Downing Fairbridge has been withdrawn.


On 6 August 2014 the Mersey class lifeboat ON1186 Pride and Spirit was placed on service for twelve months trials and evaluation.


In August 2019, Clifden RNLI become the first lifeboat station on the west coast of Ireland to receive a Shannon class lifeboat. Brianne Aldington is from the relief fleet. The Mersey and D class lifeboats has been withdrawn.