Our Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy sets out our environmental objectives and will help us continue to achieve improvements and savings across the organisation as we work toward our sustainability vision.

Leverburgh RNLI’s Mersey class lifeboat, The Royal Thames 12-36, moored at the station

Photo: Nigel Millard

Leverburgh RNLI’s Mersey class lifeboat, The Royal Thames 12-36

Our environmental mission

We aim to be universally recognised as a charity that balances our vital lifesaving work with our environmental responsibilities.

Our environmental objective

Through the operation of our environmental management system, we will assess, monitor and document the significant environmental aspects and impacts of our operations. We will set objectives and/or targets and take action in order to continually improve our environmental performance and to reduce our carbon footprint, without compromising our operational effectiveness.

We will:

  • commit to prevent pollution, to protect the habitats and biodiversity under our control, and to promote responsibility for the environment throughout all of our activities
  • comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations
  • strive to reduce the use of energy, water, fuel and other raw materials where practical
  • increase the use of renewable energy sources where it is cost effective to do so
  • minimise waste production and disposal by adopting the principles of the waste hierarchy: to eliminate, reduce, reuse, recycle or recover before disposal
  • provide appropriate environmental training, advice and information for all RNLI people and encourage them to put forward ideas for improvement
  • provide the appropriate authority, resources and support to enable all in the organisation to meet the commitments of this policy
  • communicate and implement this policy at all levels throughout the RNLI and make it available to the public
  • review this policy on a regular basis.

This policy was last updated: 15 April 2014.