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Our Environmental Policy

The RNLI has committed to eliminating or reducing our negative impacts on the environment and to becoming a low-carbon, zero-waste-to-landfill and climate-resilient organisation in the future.

A view from the beach of Appledore Lifeboat Station in north Devon. The tide is out, showing the slipway running down the beach. The sky is grey and cloudy and there is a double rainbow in the sky

Appledore Lifeboat Station / [email protected]

The RNLI aims to become a zero carbon, zero waste to landfill and climate resilient organisation. Our Environmental Policy sets out the environmental ambitions and commitments to help focus efforts on achieving environmental improvements and environmental legal compliance across the whole organisation’s activities.

We will:

  • minimise the use of energy, water, fuel and other raw materials where practical and safe to do so

  • not use core funds to buy carbon offsets to achieve zero carbon

  • consider and implement the installation of renewable energy sources and use of renewable energy at RNLI owned locations, where it is practical and cost effective to do so

  • consider waste production and disposal during specification and acquisition, and minimise all wastes through adopting the principles of the waste hierarchy: eliminate, reduce, reuse, recycle or recover before considering disposal

  • prevent pollution via risk assessment and mitigation implementation and protect the habitats and biodiversity under our control

  • comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations

  • provide appropriate environmental training, advice and information, including opportunities for staff and volunteers to put forward ideas for improvement

  • promote responsibility for the environment throughout relevant activities

  • provide the appropriate authority, resources and support to enable everyone in the organisation to meet the commitments of this policy

  • where appropriate, make any contractors or those working on our behalf aware of the requirements of this policy and require them to provide assurance that they adhere it.