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Grace Darling: Literacy skills lesson

Explore the life of Grace Darling by having your pupils write a diary account from her perspective with this lesson plan.

Grace Darling Interactive whiteboard activity thumbnail
  • 60 minutes
  • RNLI engagement and awareness
  • Required: display equipment
  • Optional: printer
  • Optional: white board pens

Lesson plan

Description: A plan to help guide your pupils through writing a diary entry from Grace Darling.

Aim:To write a diary account from the point of view of Grace Darling.

Objectives: To write in the first person, in chronological order in the past tense.

Activities: Think about people who are famous. Find out about Grace Darling using this animated cartoon. Write a diary entry for Grace Darling for that day.

Interactive whiteboard activity

Description: Use this interactive whiteboard activity to help your pupils with their Grace Darling diary entry.

Aim: To develop and extend vocabulary according to age and ability using a range of strategies and linguistic techniques.

Activity 1: To infer the meaning of unknown words, use a dictionary and learn what a definition is.

Activity 2: To use a thesaurus to extend vocabulary.

Activity 3: To understand and use adjectives to improve impact.

Activities: Choose one of the three interactive whiteboard activities to suit your group.  Grace Darling's story is animated on the screen with vocabulary activities at three different levels. 

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