Why I respect the water

Meet the survivors who say the Float to Live technique helped save their lives .

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Survivor stories

Photo of Evan Chrisp, who learned to float and it saved his life
Evan Chrisp
‘Two big waves just came over us. I was panicking, trying to fight the water and swim.’ 
Evan's story
Photo of Ravi, smiling on a boat
Ravi Saini
‘I was getting pulled out to sea. I thought this was the end of my life!’
Ravi's story
Close up photo of Agnieszka Kwiecien
Aggie Kwiecien
‘A calm voice in my head said: “OK, you’ve fallen into the canal. You know what to do, you mustn't panic.’
Aggie's Story
Photo of Ruth Osborne, who floated to live thanks to the Respect the Water campaign
Ruth Osborne
‘I shouted and shouted, but nobody heard me. I just thought: “That’s it, that’s me gone.”’
Ruth's story