Your donation today makes you a lifesaver

A Mayday call is an urgent plea for help when life is in danger at sea. And RNLI lifeboat volunteers always answer the call. Will you answer THEIR call for help with a donation today? The RNLI is a charity, and our lifesavers depend on kindness to help save lives. When you give to the Mayday Appeal, you’re helping fund the intensive training and hard-wearing kit we need in an emergency. As the weather warms up, more and more people will need us. And that’s why we need you.

A lifeboat crew at sea, with spray and grey sky

Photo: RNLI/Nathan Williams

Your kindness will help get us there in time when lives are in danger

Things happen quickly at sea – I dread to think what could have happened

‘Two teenage girls had unknowingly chosen the wrong spot for sunbathing. And as the tide came in they found themselves stuck on an island of sand. Thanks to the kit and training funded by kind people like you, we got there just in time to get them into the lifeboat and back to the station. They were shocked to see that their spot of sand had disappeared underwater in minutes.’

Phil Playford, Volunteer Crew Member, Cleethorpes RNLI

Cleethorpes lifeboat crew, with rescues Ellie-Mae and Lucia on their way back to shore in their d-class lifeboat

Photo: RNLI Cleethorpes

Cleethorpes lifeboat crew got there just in time to save the girls – Ellie Mae and Lucia. Will you help them be there next time?

When you answer the Mayday call, your kind gift could buy vital seconds

There are so many ways your donation can help. To save every one who gets into danger, we’ll need the oil that keeps our lifeboat engines running. We’ll need replacements for kit worn out by harsh seas. And we’ll need training in everything from navigation to first aid. Your kindness can help fund these lifesaving essentials.

You can imagine how scared those girls were as the water rose. And how it felt for Phil – a dad himself – to save them. You can be a part of rescues like this – changing fear to joy for families all around the UK and Ireland.

If you've got any questions about our appeal, or would like to donate by phone, please call our Supporter Experience Team on 0300 300 9907 (from the UK) or 01 895 1877 (from Ireland) on weekdays, 8am–6pm. 

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In 2020, for every £1/€1 spent on charitable activities, 56p/56c was on lifeboats, property and equipment; 27p/27c on running the lifeboat service; 11p/11c on lifeguard rescue; 4p/4c on safety, education and awareness; and 2p/2c on international drowning prevention.