You can help RNLI volunteers save lives in so many exciting ways.

Thousands of people will get into danger by the water this summer - ordinary people, enjoying days out with family or friends. It could happen to you or to someone you love, but you can help make sure RNLI volunteers have the training and kit they need to save every one. Whether that’s a donation, street collection, car wash, bake sale, or tackling a Mayday Mile, your kindness could buy the vital seconds that make a lifesaving difference.

Will You Answer RNLI Lifeboat Volunteers’ Mayday Call?

Will you answer RNLI lifeboat volunteers' Mayday call?

With lifesaving costs now higher and urgent calls for help rising, your kind donation will be a lifesaver. Give to the RNLI Mayday appeal today.

Mayday Mile challenge - runners taking on the challenge on the beach

The Mayday Mile

You did it! Thank you for taking part in the Mayday Mile.

In May, you took on a mile every day to help raise funds for RNLI volunteers. Because of you, they’ll be ready when desperate calls for help come this summer. Thank you so much, you’re a lifesaver.

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Lifesaving shopping for Mayday

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