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Marvel illustrator and Ballycotton RNLI crew member Will Sliney on the 200 Voices podcast
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

‘With great power comes great responsibility’

Episode 174 – Friendly Neighbourhood Lifeboatman: Will Sliney

Sliney skills: The Spiderman illustrator on saving lives for real.

Will Sliney is a man with a lot to live up to. In his day job as a graphic artist, he spends his time in the company of heroes such as Spider-Man. But the Marvel and Star Wars illustrator has an illustrious backstory himself. Will is a volunteer with the Ballycotton lifeboat crew, continuing a family tradition that dates back to at least great-grandfather Patsy Sliney, one of Ireland’s most decorated lifeboat volunteers.

Patsy was Coxswain during the exhausting 1936 Daunt Rock rescue, when a February storm ripped huge rocks from the quay and whipped up waves so mountainous that the spray flew over the top of the 59m lighthouse. The ensuing rescue of the eight men aboard the Comet is the stuff of legend. Fittingly, the crew’s heroic actions would go on to be depicted by artists.

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