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Surfer Ruth Osborne on the 200 Voices podcast
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

‘I shouted… I shouted… nobody heard me’

Episode 185. Fear Unleashed: Ruth Osborne

Ripped from her surfboard and alone in the waves, Ruth held on to advice that would save her life.

For physio Ruth Osborne, a holiday in Cornwall sparked a move to Newquay and a sport that captured her heart. Learning beside competent surfers, she became more confident in the waves. But she always feared losing her board and being left out of her depth.

When the worst happened, Ruth had to catch her breath in the chaos of the impact zone. As crashing waves built around her, she drew on a chance conversation with an RNLI lifeguard days before. You’ll hear how she turned panic into calm, gasps into deep breaths. This is how Ruth saved her own life – by trusting in Float to Live.