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Lyme Regis volunteer crew member  and artist Maria Barbashina on the 200 Voices podcast
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

‘Everyone should have a pager, it would benefit the nation!’

Episode 51 - Motley Crew: Maria Barbashina

Artist Maria Barbashina on the different strokes it takes to run a lifeboat station. Despite diverse backgrounds, it’s all about the mission.

When Maria Barbashina settled in Lyme Regis, painting portraits of the town’s RNLI volunteers was her first introduction to the lifeboat community. Maria talks about her creative approach, and the stories that reveal themselves when subjects sit for a portrait. The resulting exhibition showed the whole supporting cast that stands behind each rescue. But it wasn’t until Maria volunteered as crew that she really got to know the team, by saving lives alongside them. In this episode she reflects on the responsibility of the role, the rewards of feeling ‘useful’ – and why pagers make the world a better place.