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Watch our lifeboat crews tackle the winter weather

Picture this: freezing seas, numbing winds and sub-zero temperatures. Would you fancy launching into this aboard a lifeboat?

Our crews have been battling the elements this winter to continue their mission to save every one. But, no matter how harsh the winter weather might be, lifeboat crews will always launch to the rescue. 

Watch our volunteers in action:

Be our crews' hidden hero

Will you help fund the launching equipment that powers our volunteers to the rescue, whatever the weather? 

Our launch and recovery equipment is so important. It helps meet the launching needs of our 238 lifeboat stations around the UK and Ireland. And, just like a car, it needs to be maintained and even replaced from time to time. But the RNLI is a charity. Our crews can't launch out to sea quickly, and come ashore safely, without kind supporters like you.

That's why, when you donate to help fund this vital lifesaving kit, you become a hero too.