Sister of Irish Coastguard crew member Dara Fitzpatrick on the 200 Voices podcast
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

‘[There was] a huge sense of gratitude for having Dara back’

Episode 9 – Niamh Fitzpatrick Remembers One of Our Own

After losing her sister at sea, Niamh Fitzpatrick reveals what the RNLI means to her.

On 14 March, 2017, Irish Coast Guard helicopter 116 crashed into the sea off County Mayo, killing four crew members. One of those killed was Niamh Fitzpatrick’s sister, Dara. The RNLI recovered Dara’s body. Niamh, a psychologist and author, explains how the RNLI helped her through the loss of her sister, and why the family’s bond with Achill Island RNLI, in particular, is so close. Niamh later drew on her experience to write the book: Tell Me the Truth About Loss: A Psychologist’s Personal Story of Loss, Grief and Finding Hope.

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