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Saving Lives at Sea: Series 7 Episode 9

Find out more about the stories and stations featured in series 7 episode 9 of Saving Lives at Sea, with rescues from St Davids, Appledore, Margate, Kinghorn and Dun Laoghaire.

As part of their training and to help prepare them for saving lives at sea, lifeboat volunteers come to do sea survival training at the RNLI College in Poole. In this video join Eastbourne RNLI Crew Member Chris Jenkins, who you’ll recognise from earlier in this series, to see what it’s like.

St Davids: Swept out to sea

St Davids Tamar class lifeboat cuts a path through the sea, with four crew members wearing yellow all-weather kit standing on deck.

RNLI/Nigel Millard

St Davids lifeboat, Norah Wortley, launches to rescue 16 paddleboarders

The episode began with the crew at St Davids RNLI launching to rescue 16 paddleboarders who were in danger of being blown out to sea by a strong offshore wind. The volunteers were able to get all 16 paddleboarders – and their equipment – onboard the Norah Wortley before returning them to safety.

Check out our Lifesavers podcast and you’ll hear a real 999 call from a 17-year-old paddleboarder at the mercy of the waves – and learn how an RNLI crew came to his rescue, just in time.

Listen on SoundCloud

Appledore: A swimmer in danger

A helicopter flies above Appledore’s all-weather lifeboat, ready to winch an unresponsive swimmer


Both of Appledore’s lifeboats and a Coastguard rescue helicopter work together to rescue an unresponsive swimmer

In Appledore, the crew quickly launched their inshore lifeboat after multiple 999 calls reporting a swimmer in difficulty. Meanwhile, a bystander borrowed a paddleboard to reach the unresponsive swimmer but struggled to get them back to shore – until the owner of a motorboat came to their aid and took the swimmer aboard. We saw the lifeboat volunteers arrive and began casualty care, before winching the swimmer into a Coastguard helicopter to be taken to hospital.

If you saw someone in trouble in the water, would you know what to do? Here’s what a group of teenagers from Hastings did.

Hear their lifesaving 999 call

Margate: Run aground

Margate’s inshore lifeboat in rough weather


Margate RNLI volunteers launch to rescue three people from their grounded yacht

Then the volunteers at Margate RNLI launched their B class lifeboat to three men whose yacht had run aground. When the crew arrived at the scene, the yacht was lying at a 45-degree angle. The casualties were still onboard and were well, but with the tide continuing to go out, their yacht would not be able to float again for hours. The lifeboat crew helped them into the lifeboat and took them safely to Margate.

Read about another incredible rescue of three people from a yacht by the crew at Hayling Island RNLI. Saving the trapped and terrified casualties in severe conditions, the volunteers received awards for their courage.

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Kinghorn: The good Samaritan

Next, we saw Kinghorn RNLI respond to a call about a paddleboarder in difficulty. Before the crew arrived on the scene, a kind kayaker spotted the paddleboarder and went to help them. But then the kayaker began to feel unwell himself. When the lifeboat crew arrived, they found him in the water and in serious difficulty – he had suffered a stroke.

After a man suffered a cardiac arrest, a quick-thinking passer-by, RNLI lifeguards, coastguards and paramedics worked together to save his life.

Cardiac arrest: 5 steps to survival

Dun Laoghaire: Hen party in need of help

Finally, we saw the volunteer crew at Dun Laoghaire respond to a call from a boat that had been fouled by pots. When they arrived at the boat, they were surprised to find a hen party onboard. The crew helped to free the boat from the pots, looked after the casualties and then towed them to safety.

You’ll notice a few tows on Saving Lives at Sea – but what does it actually involve?

What does a tow really involve?

Test your knowledge

Dun Laoghaire, featured rescuing a hen party in Episode 9, is a lifeboat station situated in the suburb of which Irish city?

A group of RNLI lifesavers standing on a rock, wearing their kit, with an all-weather lifeboat behind them

Well done!

In Episode 9, the crew at Dun Laoghaire, a lifeboat station in a suburb of Dublin, rescued a hen party.

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Dun Laoghaire: Hen party in need of help

Not quite...

In Episode 9, the crew at Dun Laoghaire, a lifeboat station in a suburb of Dublin, rescued a hen party.

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Dun Laoghaire: Hen party in need of help

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