Play our new game: Lifeboat Trumps

Compare 30 of our lifesaving vessels from across the history of the RNLI in this fantastically fun print-at-home game.

Lifeboat trump cards on a wooden table

Photo: RNLI

Our crews have been saving lives at sea for nearly 200 years.

In that time, over 50 different lifeboat classes have been designed and built, from the early pulling lifeboats to the latest water-jet propelled Shannon class.

But we wondered: what would it be like to compare those lifeboats? How does a 52ft Barnett class from 1950 stand up against the Severn class lifeboat that recently reached 25 years of service?

Yarmouth's Severn class lifeboat

Photo: RNLI/Harrison Bates

That's where the game comes in. With Lifeboat Trumps, we have included 30 different lifeboat classes for you to do just that! There is even a very special appearance from the world’s oldest surviving lifeboat, The Zetland.

Designed for lifeboat enthusiasts young and old, we hope you enjoy playing Lifeboat Trumps. And if you do download the game, please consider making a donation to help fund our lifesaving work. 

Download Lifeboat Trumps (14.6MB)