Grace’s story in Japanese

The stories we learn come from across the world. From 1929 onwards, schoolchildren in Japan learned about Grace Darling​.

Grace's story in Japanese

As part of our education we learn from stories from across the world. From 1929, schoolchildren from Japan learned about Grace Darling. In the Japanese Primary School National Language Reader, Grace’s story is titled The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter. This volume was published by the Japanese Ministry of Education.

A modern Japanese textbook World Trek English Course 1 uses Grace’s story to teach the English language. But Japan is not the only country to have adopted Grace Darling. Grace’s story is used all across the world. A French comic published Grace’s story in a volume called Heroines Inconnues.

Grace Darling in 10 objects

The RNLI Grace Darling Museum can’t portray the world in 100 objects; but we can give you more information about the life of one of its most celebrated heroines by focusing on the details of 10 different objects on display in the museum.

These pages help you to explore parts of the collection that you can’t easily see in the displays. Click through to see all the objects.