Annual Report and Accounts

Read about the impact of our 2020 rescue and drowning prevention activities, our plans, governance and finances – including the RNLI’s financial review, statements and independent auditor’s report.

To save lives and to protect themselves and others during the pandemic, Littlehampton volunteers wear Covid-19 PPE aboard their Atlantic 85 lifeboat Renée Sherman

Photo: Stephen Duncombe

Every day of every year, people of all backgrounds get into danger in the water. It’s a problem that we’re here to tackle. We’re here to explain the risks, share safety knowledge, and rescue people whose lives are in danger. We’re here to work with others to make the water a safer place for everyone. We’re here to prevent tragedies on and offshore. And with your support, we always will be.

Operational Statistics

Our remarkable teams of community lifesavers are dedicated to ending preventable loss of life at sea. This is what they did in 2019.

Read the report - PDF 3.9MB

Lifeguards Report

Our lifeguards made a huge difference in 2020. See how they made the beach a safer place.

Read the report - PDF 5.9MB